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EEUU es un ejemplo de una dictadura feminista completamente desarrollada. Los feministas controlan el gobierno, los tribunales, la policía, los medios, la educación, Las religiones convencionales...

Con todo ese poder, los aprovechan cada oportunidad para lacerar a los hombres: todas las mujeres tienen licencia para saquear a los hombres, matar a sus bebés, abusar de sus niños, negarles contacto con su padre y la otra mitad de su familia. La peor mujer puede poner al mejor hombre en la cárcel. EEUU tiene a millones de hombres inocentes en las cárceles y millones trabajadores forzados que tienen que enviar dinero todos los meses a su esposa o a la antigua amiga........... Los hombres están indefensos.

Compruebe el poder de un hombre hablando de nuestros problemas con nuestros gobernantes feministas poderosos, y usted solo conseguirá de ellos respuestas sin sentido. La principal característica del feminismo es el deseo de castigar y explotar a los hombres incluso si eso significa dañar  amuchas mujeres. Los deseos de ayudar a las mujeres son secundarios o inexistentes.......

El mejor ejemplo de un odio al hombre que es más fuerte que el amor a las mujeres  está en los casos de tribunales con dos mujeres y un hombre. La mujer que más le odia ganará más siempre en treodos los tribunales feministas. Incluso si la madre de ese hombre, la hermana, la hija, lloran, eso no afectará a los feministas. Esta regla de recompensar a una mujer que odia a un hombre es llamada la Regla de las 2 mujeres. Es uno de los principios fundamentales del feminismo

Otro ejemplo de auxilio a las mujeres "sólo si ello significa dañar a los hombres" es el movimiento contra la violencia doméstica. Un "casa de acogida" creerá a cada mujer que reclame abuso conyugal aunque no aporte ninguna prueba, pero nunca a una mujer cuyo hombre esté muy lejos del poder cohercitivo de ese país y sea imposible de castigar: una mujer refugiada proviniente de un país extranjero, etc.. El refugio no estampará su sello sobre su historia, como lo haría si el marido pudiera ser castigado facilmente como en el resto de los casos convencionales. Por favor copia esta respuesta, porque será destrozada por los feministas rápidamente.

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Nancy Levant
September 26, 2006
I am sick to death and horrified by dictatorship in the United States of America. It has infiltrated every single social system in this nation. Education, religion, transportation, business/goods and services, science/technology/communications, economics, human health, politics – you name it - dictatorship is alive on the homeland and crushing the people.
Every one of these systems is eliminating our voices, our opinions, our choices, and our physical ability to thrive and succeed. And to add unconscionable insult to injury, gender control is in full swing. Men are losing their rights to work, to react, to opinion, to Constitutional duty, to bear arms, to fatherhood, and to control what money and resources they have.
Women are losing their liberation in the United States of America to feminist organizations and lobbies that dictate what women are to think, feel, do and not do; which drugs we should take and force upon our children, and how many children we should be permitted (or licensed) to create.
The people of this nation are under the full dictatorial powers of very, very dangerous people and missions, and we must stop this trajectory.
We are losing our physical nation to land trusts, land developers, land funds, state governors, regional governing councils, transnational corporations, foreign banks, and foreign corporations – and all the above are tied to global governance bureaucracies and political bodies like the United Nations, the World Bank, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, their NGOs, and in-house and appointed transnational regional governing bodies. We are losing our land, water, and all other natural resources at terrifying rates each and every day.
Republican and Democrat politicians are globalists. They are on the one world order side – and that side is taking the United States away from the people of this nation. That side is dismantling the Constitution and the constitutional rights of the American people. But how, how does the populace still not see the facts before their faces???
In the history of this nation, men were responsible for and duty bound to protect the nation and freedom from tyrants and usurpers, enemies, terrorists, and all dangers to the nation and states. Women were responsible for and duty bound to protect and defend their homes, their children, their faith, and were bound to educate their children with loyalty to God and country. This IS the history of the true foundations of this nation, freedom, and the American way of life.
Today, none of the above exists – none! But why? It’s almost as if we have become different creatures with non-human minds and instincts.
The answer to this question is elite dictatorships of every make and measure - and we the people elected, continue to elect, and continue to follow the dictates of these despicable people.
At the very top of my list of despicable leadership is the political feminist lobbying groups and organizations. Their use of dialectic manipulations of American women is diabolical. They polluted the very essence of liberation for women. For women to be liberated by feminism, they have to agree with all aspects and agendas of feminist doctrine and missions. If you disagree with them, you are believed to be flawed and damaged, ignorant, and enslaved.
Let me give the feminist political organizations a clue – American women ARE liberated, and we ARE liberated thanks to American men who recognized the value of liberated women in a sovereign REPUBLIC. For the feminist movement to claim that they freed American women is a lie. You were permitted to become feminists by virtue of righteous men. Let the men of this nation become too indignant or unrighteous, and see how long your self-proclaimed liberation lasts. Why don’t you ask the women of Afghanistan what happened to their liberation, which existed prior to the national radicalization of angry men with weapons?
However, American women do not understand liberation. They are intellectually and emotionally jailed inside feminist mindsets that 1) forwarded the depopulation movement of radical environmentalism and the United Nations, 2) suctioned 40 to 50 million babies from the bodies of American females since 1973, 3) placed nearly 20 million American women on antidepressants, 4) targets normal female life and biology for mental health diagnoses and antidepressant addictions – normal life like menstruation and cramps, pregnancy, post-partum exhaustion and healing, poverty, menopause, sadness, tiredness, aches and pains, weight gain, etc., and 5) never allowed the true essence and ideology of liberation to take root in the minds of American women. This is NOT liberation.
American women are in dire straits. They have turned into cultural workhorses, both in homes and in the workplace, effectively performing 2 full-time jobs on a daily basis, and who are now forced to place their children into a daycare industry that damages the emotional security of their children. The feminist movement built the American daycare industry, which, in every state in the nation, is FULL OF MINIMUM WAGE FEMALE WORKERS, who perform the job of MOTHER to America’s children for MINIMUM WAGE.
For decades, American women have been depressed, angry, unhappy, and exhausted due to the feminist demand that women leave the home to make money and to give up their children to social bureaucracies and corporations. Women are depressed, unhappy, and exhausted due to the mandates of the feminist movement, which first and foremost, is paid to forward population control - which in translation means the control over women, their bodies, and their choices. Feminism is simply another branch of dictatorship.
People of America, you’ve got to wake up. Every aspect of your lives is being control by self-proclaimed “intellectual superiors” of every make and political measure. We are losing our ability - our intellectual and physiological ability - to reclaim our rights as human beings. We are being captured and controlled at every cultural turn. And, in fact, we are being tracked and chipped at higher and higher rates, each and every year, with RFID, panoptical, and sub-dermal chipping technologies. This is NOT science fiction.
We are being herded, literally herded, into deed-restricted communities that knit new-order governance policies and policing procedures (Communitarianism) into our daily existence. And we are hopelessly, hopelessly addicted to idiotic and highly addictive media/screen entertainments, which exist solely to sidetrack our attention while our Constitutional form of government is eliminated by “superiors.”
We have unalienable rights. All of the above are the weapons to destroy these rights – globally. And to American women, read, read, read The Cultural Devastation of American Women. We have been brutally wronged in this nation by insidious control mechanisms. If you don’t or can’t understand the enemy, you are doomed to exhaustion, anger and depression, to divorce, and to children who will never know who you really are as human beings. We have been bitterly and brutally deceived and used.
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And to American men I say this – stand up and fight for your rights, for your states and nation, and for your families. This is your primary and single most important Constitutional duty as American men. Please, please save our freedom.
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